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Many organizations and nonprofits rely heavily on volunteers. In fact, a volunteer team can mean the difference between meeting and failing to meet your annual goals. To function effectively and efficiently, they, like any other part of an organization, require tools and resources.

Through our robust volunteer management solution for programs and events, we work with nonprofit organizations of all sizes to help manage and empower volunteers in less time. Missio is dedicated to providing every organization with the tools it needs to maximize its impact and achieve its objectives. As a result, we have compiled a comprehensive list of software providers to assist your organization in locating the best solution.

One platform, endless good deeds

Do more for your mission by recruiting, retaining, and evolving more volunteers into long-term supporters and deliver exceptional event experiences with Missio.

Event Volunteer Management Software

Recruit, engage, and empower your event volunteers and staff to deliver exceptional event experiences.

Missio™ Volunteer Management is a unique platform software solution that allows you to manage all aspects of Volunteering.

Volunteer Registration

All of your opportunities and roles will be listed on your website or branded sign-up page for volunteers to view. An online application process is more convenient for volunteers and ensures that all necessary information is collected for screening and placement.

Volunteer Profile

Assessing applicants quickly and automatically allows them to get to work on the mission. Accept or reject applications from your centralized database, and ensure that your team has the necessary qualifications.


Volunteers can view available opportunities and sign up for the roles, tasks, and shifts that suit them best. Volunteer managers can use Missio to automatically match volunteers based on qualifications and availability.


Provide all of the tools and information your volunteers require to thrive and deliver exceptional event experiences.

Hours Track

Keep track of volunteer hours, internal notes, and star ratings on volunteer performance so you can send personalized words of thanks.

Volunteer Database

The Volunteer Database makes managing your projects, events, employees, members, and volunteers easier with its centralized and secured cloud-based platform.

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