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Missio is truly your end-to-end technology solution, tailored to your specific requirements. Many of our clients have turned to us for assistance with fundraising, donations, strategic planning and marketing, identifying nonprofit-specific resources, and writing grant proposals. We'll create and implement a technology strategy tailored to your nonprofit's specific requirements.

Missio has extensive experience working with nonprofit organizations of all sizes. We use our experience to gain a thorough understanding of your company. Then, as we develop a technology plan to meet your needs, we will provide you with flexibility, responsiveness, and cost efficiency.

Our solutions are creatively deployed at every level to help you improve performance and lower operational costs. We'll assist you with any design changes, creating a new event, fundraising, donation, etc, developing database applications to help you serve your clients more effectively, helping you make the most of your space (or move to a new space), providing remote tech support as you need it, whenever you need it, and much more.

  • Keep track of donors, sponsors, and volunteers with an online database
  • Monitor campaigns with dashboards
  • Create and manage donor/volunteer profiles
  • Manage multiple events
  • Automate event confirmations/reminders
  • Focus on the mission rather than manually focusing on the operation
  • Embrace technology
  • Create a focused fundraising campaign
  • Increase your impact with insight into your outcomes with Missio's

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