Turn your buyers into supporters!

Our unique e-commerce feature will be revolutionary for nonprofits and organizations interested in expanding their reach. The obvious benefits of an online store are increased sales‚ but nonprofits can also leverage the online shopping process to build support with their constituents while broadening the scope of their organizations.

Turn your buyers into supporters!

Small and medium-sized businesses have always struggled to find a comprehensive Accounting, ERP, and CRM solution provider capable of keeping up with rapid growth. Due to high prices, small and medium-sized businesses are unable to purchase ERP and cloud solutions, causing a significant downturn in the SME sector.

Missio is empowering SMEs to tackle the capacity of ERP and POS without any compromising. Missio has developed a game-changing business intelligence software where any Small & Medium entrepreneurs can utilize this solution in their business and witness aggressive expansion in their business growth.

  • Marketplace to sell - is one stop for all eCommerce setup
  • Subscription model for sellers to sell on your platform
  • Build Scalable Multi-Vendor Marketplaces in No Time.
  • Easy Online Setup designed specifically to sell more
  • Everything that you need to start & grow your business

We bring your vision to life with our

Reach new leads

Find new shoppers with SEO, and social media.

Engage with customers

Build custom email campaigns, set automation to serve every segment, and connect with customers on the go with integrated messaging tools.

E-commerce website

Create a unique online store with a simple and customizable SEO-friendly website.

Payment Gateway

Free payment gateway integration that enables immediate sales transactions for the online store.

Shipping & Logistics

Ship directly from your store, manage automated shipping & monitor delivery status easily on your store.

Multiple Sales Channel

List your full product catalog on various selling channels with just a single click.

Product Management

Comprehensive dashboard along with automated inventory management.

Customer Support

Free Jira account to create and track all of your "support tickets".

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