Build and Launch an education marketplace
like a pro

Develop deeper and stronger connections to fully engage vendors and students. You can shape the experience for the upcoming class with the help of strong data insights, starting with improved application experiences. Move from admission through choosing the best strategy for assisting students and advancing them on their path to success in school and beyond with ease.

Creating an education marketplace is a laborious and time-consuming process that will require months to complete even the most basic functions.

While it is possible to do so, most people find it to be impractical. So what is the solution? You may be thinking, Missio has the answer with the solutions listed below.

How Missio's Cloud solution for Education can help you?

  • Launch your Multi-Vendor Marketplace.
  • Launch your Event Booking Platform.
  • Launch your Fundraise and Donation Marketplace.
  • Launch your Product Marketplace
  • Bulletin Board: Digital bulletin boards allow flexibility to post engaging videos and posts that capture the attention.
  • Video Library: Make a wide Variety of Content Access and store the resources in the cloud to make the content available for their users anytime and anywhere.
  • Resources: Add a wide variety of resources like Image posts, videos, pdf, CSV, etc easily.
  • Chalk Chat: ChalkTalk is a platform for educators & trainers to build, personalize, & run their real-time communication.

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