5 key components to consider to market your Goal based campaigns


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5 key components to consider to market your Goal based campaigns

A marketing goal is a specific and measurable objective / goals that helps you in meeting your overall business objectives. It can vary from generating high-quality leads and increasing brand awareness to increasing customer value and referral rate.

A campaign that lacks a clear goal is essentially a wasted investment. Because you won't know how to quantify the impact or value of your efforts. Similarly, a campaign if you are not including these key components in your campaign your donors can be frustrated and can feel disconnected from your campaigns core mission.

What are the messages that matter most to new and returning donors when they hear about an upcoming fundraising effort, and how do you reinforce them? While no two campaigns (or donors) are alike, there are some key components to your goal-based fundraising that, when communicated to your audience, can make a significant difference.

Here are 5 key components that you should consider for your campaigns

So, how can you overcome these critical donor disconnects? There are four critical things to communicate to your audience during a goal-based campaign:

1. A certain target amount.

Donor donations are made toward this specific goal of resources or money. Clarify the target amount and the current status of achieving it in your marketing effort. For email and social media marketing, progress bars and thermometers are excellent visual aids.

2. A specific objective.

Set clear expectations for the money and resources you're requesting - what will these funds be used to buy or provide? The more specific and prescriptive you can be about how the money will be spent, the better your audience will understand your need. While you may only have a sentence or two to describe the purpose in an outreach email, pictures and stories about your goal can be great content for a social media campaign.

3. There is a sense of urgency.

Always be able to answer the question "why now?" for your donors and explain what's at stake if the funding goal isn't met. This allows donors to fully comprehend the significance of their contribution and support for your organisation. Tip: Telling stories about people who will benefit from the goal's funding can help bring this sense of urgency to life.

4. A specific time period.

Evergreen donations provide a vitally important strong foundation for non-profits, but a goal-based campaign necessitates limits and a hard deadline that donors can rally around. This can encourage timely responses and combat indecision among prospective donors, as well as provide a deadline for those who have already donated to keep an eye on and look forward to.

Tip: Use timely communication methods such as SMS text messaging to remind people that the deadline is quickly approaching.


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